Those of you that know me know that I am not very religious but the series of events that unfolded today… well here’s what happened.

I got up early to get on the road to Starved Rock, but first I deposited my latest lighting design check then stopped at McDonald’s for a sausage McMuffin (with no egg they’re only $1!) and a coffee. I was feeling pretty good about things in general so, on a whim, I told the man at the window,

“I’ll also pay for the person behind me”.

It was a strawberry-banana smoothie, no big deal, but the lady seemed happy enough waving in her car so furiously that she was rocking it back and fourth.

So I nod to her, go on my merry way and spend four hours walking around Starved Rock. Great place, BTW.

On my way back I see Grumpee’s Weenie Wagon (pictured) and I have to stop. I check my pocket and I only have $2 and my debit card. Being a tiny hotdog stand in the middle of a cornfield I doubted that they accepted plastic, but hey, Grumpee’s Weenie Wagon! Plus I was pretty hungry/thirsty after my grueling hike. Water wasn’t cutting it.

I approached and asked about possible payment arrangements and the nice lady said,

“No, only cash, sorry.”

Discouraged, I was about to head back to my car when another lady popped up from inside the hotdog shack.

“What didja want, Honey?”

“A hotdog and a drink, maybe a coke.”, I says.

“Sure no problem. On the house!”

I was shocked. Not only did she end up giving me the best hotdog I had ever had and a cold can of coke, she gave me a homemade sugar cookie wrapped in a napkin!

She wouldn’t even take the $2 I had in my pants.

What is the lesson to be learned from this?


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